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August 26, 2020

Morning Dough

Happy Wednesday and Happy National Toilet Paper Day (Yes, I couldn’t believe it myself, there is a day dedicated to toilet paper(. Here are 5 quick interesting facts on toilet paper:

1) The toilet paper was invented by Joseph Gayetty in 1857.

2) Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there was a huge rise in toilet paper revenues: 140% Italy, 98% Australia, 82% Spain, 80% UK, 60% US and 51% India.

3) The most expensive toilet paper roll is a 22-carat gold toilet paper with a price tag of $2.5 million.

4) A family accidentally bought 2,300 toilet rolls prior to national supermarket sell-out (the kids built a chair from it).

5) A London creative web developer has created a toilet paper calculator which tells you how much toilet roll you actually need to stop panic-buying (I couldn’t really believe this as well…)


Have an awesome Wednesday!
— Itay Paz


Source: Amazon/YouTube

Amazon is rolling out a new augmented reality shopping tool, Room Decorator, that will allow you to see furniture and other home décor in your own space. While the retailer had experimented with AR tools in the past, what makes Room Decorator different is that it’s capable of virtually adding multiple products to the room at the same time. That means you can visualize how a whole set of new products could fit together in your own space, not just a single item.

Read more here.

Watch Video here.


Source: Agency Analytics

Let’s face it…you only have one chance to grab someone’s attention on social media.

These days, getting someone to stop scrolling and take a closer look at your post is easier said than done and when it comes to social media marketing, your best bet is to show users an eye-catching image that immediately stands out from everything else in their feed.

However, if you want this to work, you need to make sure that your image is the right size. Otherwise, it will be a distorted mess that pushes people away instead of pulling them in.

Get the most up-to-date cheat sheet of social media image sizes (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat).

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Source: SEJ

Thinking of creating bumper video ad campaigns on Google Ads? Follow these four principles to turn them into a powerful new tool for your brand.

Bumper ads are easy to dismiss.

After all, what can you possibly accomplish in just six seconds?

As a result, some advertisers dismiss them out of hand.

But they’re missing the point because bumper ads aren’t designed to be used in isolation.

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Source: sharethrough

The Headline Quality Score is a great free online tool to help you improve your headline by analyzing it based on a multivariate linguistic algorithm built on the principles of Behavior Model theory and Sharethrough’s neuroscience and advertising research.

Go to Headline Analyzer here.


Source: foundr

Putting together this network can take a lot of work and planning, but the good news is, you can create a ”minimum viable” affiliate network in a matter of weeks if you have all of the tools and tactics that implemented by Matt Callen when he built his affiliate network.

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Source: Neil Patel

If you’ve ever done SEO, you know how good it feels to see your rankings go up.

You put a ton of hard work into moving up in the SERPs and it finally pays off.

But then the unexpected happens. Your rankings drop.

Few things in SEO are more discouraging than a fall in the rankings. It makes you feel like everything you did was useless and you wonder what went wrong or if you made a mistake. You beat yourself up for not doing it right.

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Source: Shopify

Carving out a niche market and positioning yourself as the go-to brand for a specific audience not only establishes your credibility over competing generalists but also results in a more focused business, from your unique value proposition to your content marketing, that makes it easier for the right customers to say, “This is for me.”

If you’re racking your brain trying to think of your first product idea, starting with a niche is a great place to begin. There are countless niches you can pursue, with the opportunity to niche down even further. The key is to identify a niche market that you can master and has a viable audience of customers.

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