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We’re here for anyone who’s interested in online marketing, artificial intelligence and technology, from marketers, small business owners, digital marketing experts, executives to entrepreneurs, online advertisers, SEO experts, social media experts, content marketers and more 🔥.

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Itay Paz

Hi! I’m Itay. 👋

Morning Dough was created by me, Itay Paz. For the past two and a half decades, I have been living and breathing the digital marketing space helping marketers all over the world to improve their results and increasing revenues using digital marketing.

I’ve built thousands of websites, coached business owners and marketers and consulted global companies all over the world.

I have founded Morning Dough with the goal of building a powerful and fun online business by helping, inspire and guide anyone who is interested in online marketing, artificial intelligence and technology.

Itay Paz

Itay Pronunciation

The pronunciation of the first name of “Itay” is “E-TA-E”.

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