What Is A/B Testing

What Is A/B Testing

What Is A/B Testing? AB Testing Meaning

A/B testing which is also called Split Testing is a simple yet result driven method to compare two versions of marketing or sales online materials against each other to determine which of the two outperforms the other. This A/B testing is done on webpages, emails, colors, titles, buttons, call-for-actions, shapes and sizes and anything that can improve the wanted results such as, sales, signups, click-through and more.

It is called A/B testing as one version is called A and the second version is called B and the processing is testing between version A and B.

What Is AB Testing In Digital Marketing?

In essence, AB Testing in digital marketing is no difference than any marketing AB testing. The only difference is that the online space enables you to perform AB testing and get results in hours and sometimes even in minutes.

How Do You Perform an AB Test?

The best wat to perform an AB test in digital marketing is using online tools that track the results of the test as well as perform the AB test automatically after you’ve made the initial configuration.

A great free tool to perform optimization of your digital activities including AB Testing is Google Optimize.

Why Do We Do AB Testing?

The reason we do AB testing is to improve the results of the business components offline and online: get more sales, increase the number of subscribers or visitors to the websites that perform a specific action. All of these are basically driving towards increasing the revenues of the business.