What Font is the Google Logo?

What Font is the Google Logo?
Looking for Google Logo Font? The font Google is using for branding purposes is called Product Sans is a geometric sans-serif typeface created by Google’s team in September 2015.

Product Sans is a Futura-like font that you may recognize it from the current Google logo, which replaced the old, serif-font logo.

Where can I get Google Logo Font?
You can get Google Logo Font at the following webpage:

How can I Download Google Logo Font?
You can download Google Logo Font by clicking on this link:

The new Google logo and identity system was developed to respond and grow with the changing needs of our users. It is a system that takes into account scale, interaction, and legibility, giving users a consistent and beautiful experience of the Google brand, wherever they encounter it.

Google new logotype is set in a custom, geometric sans-serif typeface and maintains the multi-colored playfulness and rotated ‘e’ of our previous mark—a reminder that we’ll always be a bit unconventional.