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How to Create a Low Budget Logo for Your Business?

With just a glance at the iconic swoosh, you recognize the brand as Nike. That’s the power of a great logo!

But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a great logo: Coca-Cola paid $0 for its logo, Twitter logo price tag was $15, Google logo was $0 as well and the most expensive one is Nike logo with a price tag of $35.

Discover the 6 different ways to create your own logo and how to make yours evocative and appealing. Also learn how to create logo online with the help of an free online creator and install it.

Six Ways To Create a Logo For Your Business
Everything depends on your design skills and budget. Here are some options for any occasions:

  1. Draw your own logo
  2. Order it from a designer
  3. Order it from a design studio
  4. Crowdsource it
  5. Create a logo online: Use a specialized logo maker
  6. Use an online generator

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