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The Best Homepage Designs on the Internet and How to Copy Them

Source: Basecamp

The homepage is the most important page on your website. It’s where most of your traffic will land, and where new visitors will form their first impressions of your business.

And first impressions are everything.

To help you create excellent experiences for EVERY new visitor to your site, we’ve pulled together 16 of the BEST homepages by some of the top online businesses and brands to provide you with some inspiration and key takeaways.

Let’s dive right in to see the homepages of: TurboTax, Animalz, Calendly, Hunter, Bonsai, Canva, Gumroad, Ryan Robinson, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Basecamp, IFTTT, Harvest, Amy Porterfield, ConvertKit, Ann Handley and Janet Murray

How Will You Improve Your Homepage?

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to build a new site, or looking to enhance your current homepage, this guide should have given you plenty to think about.

Remember: A homepage is rarely never fully finished. There’s always something you can A/B test and improve.

Open a new tab, load your website, and think about what you can improve. Focus on: Your CTAs (call to actions), Branding, Social proof, Copy and Images/Graphics.

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