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July 15, 2024

Morning Dough


Good morning.

Today’s roundup:

1) Google parent Alphabet walked away from HubSpot deal weeks ago, source says.

2) Amazon expands ad offerings for non-Amazon sellers.

3) Tools Show July 9th Google Search Ranking Volatility But Chatter Limited.

Tools Show July 9th Google Search Ranking Volatility But Chatter Limited

Many of the Google Search ranking volatility tracking tools are showing a spike in volatility over the past day or so. But I need to say that the chatter is pretty limited, relatively limited, compared to what the tools are showing. I am wondering if maybe the tools picked up on some of those indexing issues from the other night or maybe there is something deeper going on?

4) Google Ads unveils tCPA Insight Box for Demand Gen campaigns.

5) Meta Pushes GA4 Integration, Boasts 22% Conversion Boost.

6) LinkedIn’s Making its Automated ‘Accelerate’ Campaigns Available to All Brands.

7) X Claims Increases in Users and Engagement.

8) Snap Partners with VideoAmp to Provide Reach Planning.

9) Introducing a new way to share Pinterest boards on social media.

10) Microsoft Ads releases AI-powered asset recommendations for video and display ads.

11) Google: SEO Feedback On The Last Core Update Was Really Helpful.

12) Google Ads Changes Its Mind – Will Not Allow Opioid Painkillers Ads.


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Have an awesome week!
— Itay Paz



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