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Amazon Rolls Out A New AR Shopping Feature For Viewing Multiple Items At Once

Source: Amazon/YouTube

Amazon is rolling out a new augmented reality shopping tool, Room Decorator, that will allow you to see furniture and other home décor in your own space. While the retailer had experimented with AR tools in the past, what makes Room Decorator different is that it’s capable of virtually adding multiple products to the room at the same time. That means you can visualize how a whole set of new products could fit together in your own space, not just a single item.

The company had first launched a simpler version of AR shopping back in 2017 with a feature called AR View in its Amazon iOS app, built using ARKit. But like many of the AR shopping tools to date, the focus with AR View was to allow consumers to visualize adding an item to their existing room — like a new chair or lamp or vase, for example — to see how the product went with their existing décor.

The Room Decorator experience takes things much further as not only can you view multiple products together, you can also use the feature when your away from home by saving the AR snapshots of your room for later access.

The feature is available across thousands of furniture products available on Amazon, including those offered both by Amazon and some of its third-party sellers. When a consumer happens upon one of these items, they’ll click the “View in Your Room” button to get started. This button will appear under the eligible furniture products in the Amazon shopping app for iOS and desktop web browsers.

Within the AR experience, consumers will be presented with suggestions of complementary products to the one they were first viewing. As shoppers browse these recommendations, they can add the other products to their same room and rearrange them to get a better look.

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