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How We Built an Affiliate Network That Helped Us Generate $1M in 72 Hours

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I’ll never forget that one morning when I walked into the office, just like any other day, and got fired on the spot. I was left with a mortgage, bills, and a serious panic attack. That’s when I made the decision to become my own boss.

Three years later, my co-founder Matt Callen and I launched PayKickstart, a shopping cart and affiliate management platform, which managed to attract 10,000+ paying customers and generate over a million dollars in sales in its first 72 hours of existence.

As you surely suspect, there was more to this epic start than simply pushing the launch button. To be exact, we developed a carefully crafted list of affiliate partners well before our launch. It took us several months to put together, and when the big day came, we were able to mobilize our network and create the much-needed buzz.

Putting together this network took a lot of work and planning, but the good news is, you can create a ”minimum viable” affiliate network in a matter of weeks. In this article, I’ll reveal all of the tools and tactics that we found effective in building our affiliate network.

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