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How to Find Affiliates That Generate Quality Leads

Source: SEMRush

CPS, CPA and other partnership schemes offer low risks and high rewards. Do you dream about affiliates who can drive high volumes of traffic and make your sales skyrocket?

In this article, we will describe the main ways of finding new prospective affiliates and offer a simple method of assessing their salesmanship with the help of the SEMrush Traffic Analytics tool and Competitive Research toolkit, which were developed to solve the problems of digital marketers of all levels.

Get Prepared

Before you begin your search consider all the factors that can affect your affiliate program and brand strategy, that is potential demand for your product, awareness and recognition of your brand in the target market, local common practices, audience specificity, and, of course, the availability of high-potential publishers in the niche of interest.

Make sure you have reasonable expectations and that your affiliate program fits well into your marketing strategy.

Lay the foundations. For example, if you are looking for affiliates in a non-English speaking country, make sure your website is well localized.

Start Seeking: Research Competitors’ Affiliates

Targeting your rivals’ partners costs nothing and lets you be sure that your potential affiliates have relevant experience and can contribute to your business goals. Begin by making a list of your strongest competitors. Then look at the Traffic Sources tab in the SEMrush Traffic Analytics tool to see the websites that send the most traffic to your rival’s website through hyperlinks.

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