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Installs Of Health And Fitness Apps Rose 67% During Early Lockdowns

Source: Business of Apps

Health and fitness app installs jumped 67% during March and April 2020 as more people chose to use mobile apps to stay in shape, according to research by app tracking firm Adjust and fitness app Gympass.

The study also found that higher installs resulted in a 61% jump in user sessions during May.

However, app usage has waned as lockdowns were easing.

In the US, fitness app installs were 58% higher but the end of March 2020 than average.

Daily sessions rose 25% above the May average but have since declined somewhat.

In July, app sessions were down 16% which highlights that lockdowns easing had an effect on app usage. Nevertheless, average usage was still higher than normal.

In countries including Brazil, Germany, Mexico and the UK the study also reported spikes in daily usage.

It found that usage peaked on Sundays, while Fridays saw the least usage.

For app makers, the findings show that they must find new and exciting ways to keep users engaged and reengage them going forward.

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