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SEO Horror Stories: Here’s What Not To Do

Source: SEL

These three real-life case studies are anonymized to share textbook examples of how not to approach search engine optimization.

There are countless articles about how to improve website rankings. In contrast, there are few about real life, large website SEO horror stories — the kind of presumed optimization steps taken that make actual experts grind their teeth and Google rankings drop to the bottom, which is unfortunate since learning from other people’s failures is much preferred over learning from one’s own mistakes.

Obviously, few people are inclined, let alone feel comfortable, disclosing any disasters of their own making to the interested public. That’s why the following three real-life cases are completely anonymized. They are textbook examples of how not to approach search engine optimization: All three websites were, at the time of the disaster, primarily focused on non-English speaking markets. They all did reasonably well in Google Search. Furthermore, in all three of these cases, poorly informed decisions set a disastrous chain of events in motion.

Most of these businesses eventually recovered. And lastly, none of the experiences shared below pertain to a past or present client or business partner.

Example 1: PremiumRetailWebsite
Example 2: JourneyCompareHeaven
Example 3: MedicineMakesHappy

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