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August 25, 2020

Morning Dough

Happy Tuesday and Happy National Kiss and Make Up Day. Also today (in 1835) known as the “Moon Hoax Day”, where the first publication in a series of six articles announcing the supposed discovery of life on the moon appears in the New York Sun newspaper.

Have an awesome day!
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Source: Search Engine Round Table

Google’s John Mueller said on Reddit that links from Wikipedia not only have no SEO value but also those links “will do nothing for your site” from a Google search perspective. In fact, John said all you are doing is “creating extra work for the Wikipedia maintainers who will remove your link drops.”

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Source: SEL

Wondering what factors help you rank better on Google? For the first time, we have a top three list: links, content and RankBrain.

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Source: Stephen Phillips/Unsplash

Email marketing is the king and the king of online sales that is.

The problem is that most people have no idea what they are doing with regards to email marketing. There’s a lot of advice out there, but not enough actionable email marketing case studies you can imitate for your own results.

If you don’t believe it, just open up your inbox right now. If it’s anything like most people, then it is probably flooded with hilariously inadequate emails so poorly written and designed that they couldn’t sell fat loss pills to Peter Griffins.

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to discover now by looking and examining how a few key companies have been redefining the game of email marketing for all of us…and how you can do the same.

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Source: slideshare

SlideShare is an American hosting service for professional content including presentations, infographics, documents, and videos. Users can upload files privately or publicly in PowerPoint, Word, PDF, or OpenDocument format. Content can then be viewed on the site itself, on hand held devices or embedded on other sites.

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Source: Chris Montgomery/Unsplash

The number of organizations producing virtual events exploded as COVID-19 spread. Innovation has been rapid. Results have been mixed.  Most producers are frustrated by the level of engagement of the online participants but matching in-person events exposes the limitations of these virtual experiences.

Creating rewarding and scalable networking opportunities that serve all constituencies is the trickiest aspect of executing events online. It’s also been the least satisfying aspect for attendees, exhibitors and other event participants.

That doesn’t excuse event producers, whether for-profit trade show organizers or companies running virtual events to generate business or retain customers, from cracking the code of successful virtual networking. 

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Source: The Verge

On Friday, the internet erupted in a small way to learn that Apple had successfully forced WordPress to monetize its free app — forcing it to sell premium plans and custom domain names seemingly just so that Apple could get its traditional 30 percent cut.

Following this action, WordPress founder claims Apple cut off updates to his completely free app because it wants 30 percent.

But one afternoon and evening of surprise and outrage later, Apple is backing off. The company is issuing a rare on-the-record apology, and it says that WordPress will no longer have to add in-app purchases now that all is said and done.

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Source: SEJ

So, you’ve just earned a sweet backlink from a website.

Now what? Is it really valuable enough to see changes to your authority and rankings?

We’ve been told time and time and time again that links are critical to search engine ranking. But not all links are created equal. Some can even damage your site at scale. There are tons of factors that determine the real value of a backlink. Factors that let you know the link you just earned is Grade-A.

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