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7 Ways to Determine the Value of Your Links

Source: SEJ

So, you’ve just earned a sweet backlink from a website.

Now what? Is it really valuable enough to see changes to your authority and rankings?

We’ve been told time and time and time again that links are critical to search engine ranking.

But not all links are created equal. Some can even damage your site at scale.

There are tons of factors that determine the real value of a backlink. Factors that let you know the link you just earned is Grade-A.

In this piece, we’ll run through some of these factors to help you determine the value of your backlinks:

  1. Unique Root Domains or Total Backlinks?
  2. Domain Rating / Domain Authority – Vanity Metric?
  3. Spam Scores: How High Is Too High?
  4. Organic Traffic: Does It Matter?
  5. Anchor Text: Is Exact Match Harmful?
  6. Competitor Analysis: Creating a Backlink Gap
  7. Mention Context Is Critical

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