What do People Search For? Find Out How to Find

You need to know what people are searching for and why. These tools will help you understand users and target the best SEO keywords.

As thought-provoking and enjoyable as keyword research can be, it’s also equally complicated and mind-boggling if you’re a beginner just on the tipping point of actually getting it.

Sure, you’ve perused through Google’s Keyword Planner and tinkered with Autocomplete. But, honestly, keyword research is intimidating when you’re just starting out.

Today, I know that keyword research is not that difficult. But, thanks to RankBrain, AI, digital assistants, etc. it can be confusing even to know where to begin when you’re a newbie.

Getting into the groove of keyword research doesn’t just happen overnight. You need to know how people search and what they search for before you can even start to think about mapping your keywords.

And with more than 6 billion searches a day worldwide, how do you know where to start?

It’s about finding the deepest, darkest, secret corners of the user’s search intent to find “the right stuff” in a bowl full of “meh’s.”

That’s where this article comes in. I’m spilling my top tool picks for those looking to improve their SEO repertoire.

So, if you’re starting from square one and don’t want to look like you stumbled out of 1997 with keyword stuffing, read on.

What People Search For

Where do you look for news stories or trending topics?

There are so many excellent tools that help SEO marketers make sense of what people search for and why. They can help answer questions like:

* When should I write an article?
* Would this article perform well?
* Who would read this article?
* How do I find these answers?

With some awesome tools.

Here are 28 of the best tools that can help SEO noobs (or anyone really) discover what people are searching for and why.


28 Free Tools to Help You Find What People Search For

1) Buzzsumo

2) SEMRush

3) Answer The Public

4) Bloomberry

5) Google Trends

6) Facebook

7) Twitter

8) YouTube

9) Pinterest

10) Digg

11) Reddit

12) Hacker News

13) Product Hunt

14) Inbound)org

15) Instagram’s Explore

16) Snapchat Discover

17) Flickr

18) Quora

19) Wikipedia

20) Medium

21) Google Autocomplete

22) Google People Also Ask

23) Google Searches Related To

24) Google News

25) Google Alerts + IFTTT

26) Google Search Console

27) Google Keyword Planner

28) Rank Tracker by SEO Powersuite


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