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Retailers to Consumers: Let's Get 'Phygital'

Source: ECommerce Times

The pandemic has exposed one fundamental, seemingly contradictory reality: people like to shop online, but they also crave in-person experiences.

This era has also made clear that there’s an answer to this conundrum: to provide shopping experiences that combine both physical and digital elements. Also known as “phygital” experiences, these strive to give customers the best of both the online and in-person worlds.

“E-commerce is brilliant; however, it fragments the user journey and the understanding of the customer for retailers,” Sergio Iacobucci, product marketing director for Qubit, explained to the E-Commerce Times. “A ‘phygital’ experience aims to bring those two worlds together. Providing a connected and coherent cross-channel experience is what’s expected from customers today, and if you meet those expectations, they will reward you with their loyalty.”

Consumers, in other words, want a blend of experiences across channels.

“Retailers need to build personalized experiences across all channels in order to adapt to changing consumer preferences and combining the physical and digital realms are a great way to do that,” Christian Selchau-Hansen, co-founder and CEO of Formation, told the E-Commerce Times.

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