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Social Media Holidays: How to Use Niche Celebrations to Engage Your Audience

Source: DigitalMarketer

It’s an average day—you hop on social media and you see someone post that it’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Who decided that today was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and, more importantly, how do people even find out about this stuff?

As a business owner or marketer, you probably see a few of these days pop up that would be great opportunities to take advantage of. A bakery can make a lot of use out of National Chocolate Chip Cookie day, but only if they know it’s coming.

These holidays are prime marketing opportunities for the first two stages of the Customer Value Journey. In the first stage (Aware), a customer avatar becomes aware of your business. This is like somebody walking past your bakery for the first time or finding it in the search results for “bakery near me.” In the second stage (Engage), a customer avatar walks into your bakery or decides to check out your online menu.

By using these holidays to your advantage, you can create marketing campaigns that build brand awareness and engagement. For example, the bakery could put a sign outside that says, “It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Buy one, get one free!” or they could run a social media campaign that tells their followers they’re giving away a free cookie to anyone that comes into the bakery today.

Aside from niche celebrations, you can also use experiences that your customers are going through to drive awareness and engagement in the same way you would these holidays.

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