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How Much Traffic is Good For a New Blog?

Big, established blogs have multiple years of performance data. Smaller, newer blogs do not. It can feel like you’re operating in a vacuum. It’s hard to come up with reasonable answers to questions like “how is our content marketing doing?” and “how many pageviews is good for a blog?”

To level the playing field a little, we analyzed 150 million pageviews of data to set some benchmarks for small blogs (those getting fewer than 10,000 pageviews per month). If you need realistic traffic goals for the next 12 months, start with these:

1) Try to Beat 6% Traffic Growth, Month-on-Month

2) Aim for 45,000 Yearly Pageviews

3) Get at Least 11% of Traffic from Organic Search

4) Grow Your Organic Traffic by 8% Each Month

Source: Animalz

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