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YouTube Shorts – Google’s Answer to TikTok?

Source: YouTube

YouTube announced the launch of Shorts, A new feature that feels decidedly similar to TikTok.

YouTube Shorts is launching first in India and is described as: “Shorts is a new short-form video experience for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones. “

YouTube Shorts offers the following features to video creators:

* Create and upload videos of 15-seconds or less.
* Edit videos with a number of creative tools.
* Stitch shorter clips together with a multi-segment camera.
* Add music to videos from YouTube’s library.
* Speed up or slow down videos.
* Timers and countdowns.
* Users can start recording a Short with the new create icon that has been prominently placed in the YouTube app for Android (expanding to iOS soon).

After publishing a Short, it will appear in a carousel on the YouTube homepage that’s designed specifically for short videos.

Users can jump from one video to another by swiping vertically while viewing content from the carousel.

The carousel houses all short videos on YouTube, not just videos created with Shorts.

With that being the case, YouTube is encouraging creators to start preparing now by uploading any existing short videos they have.

“We encourage any mobile creator or artist to start uploading their existing short videos on YouTube today to start getting discovered.”

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