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August 28, 2020

Morning Dough


Good morning. Friday is here. The WHO (World Health Organization) has reported that there are over 140,000 new cases a day for five days. Without a doubt the pandemic is still here for long time (some say 2022). While there is a crisis with businesses worldwide, there are also new opportunities. Sending you to this weekend with some important insights (do not miss it).

Make sure to take time this weekend for your loved one and have some fun time!

Have an awesome weekend!
— Itay Paz


Source: SuperOffice

One of the best way to generate additional leads, sales, revenues without spending additional money is by improving and optimizing your current operation and your email marketing results and it is not that complicated if you have the right knowledge for it.

When you wanted to find ways to increase email open rates, you need to look into case studies and deep dived into the science behind what makes people open emails and used the findings to increase open rates by 160%!

Read more here.

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Source: Click Funnels

Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms right now. And in this guide, we’re going to teach you how to create an effective Facebook marketing strategy.

In this guide (updated for 2020), you’ll learn how to create and optimize your business page, build your Facebook sales funnel, find your target market, create enticing content, set your advertising budget, and tons more.

Read more here.


Trends may come and go, but Google Trends is here to stay…

Especially if you rely on keyword research to power your websites — and don’t we all?

This quick over-the-shoulder video shows you exactly how to use Google Trends tool to take your keyword research to the next level across all your websites and content marketing – It may be the best SEO investment you can make in less time than a coffee break.

Read more here.


Affilitizer is the easiest way to find affiliate programs. As you’re searching Google for brands and products, you get notified within the search results if this website is an advertiser and have an affiliate program. Even as you’re browsing the web, Affilitizer notifies you as soon as you visit a website that is an advertiser and you can promote his product to earn commissions.

Affilitizer covers over 78 affiliate networks and 65,000 affiliate programs including eBay and Amazon.

Whether you’re an affiliate, business owner or digital marketing expert you need to know of this tool and use it.

Get Affilitizer here.



Amazon Prime Day is an event that Amazon started back in 2015 to celebrate its 20th anniversary. It was so successful, they’ve continued it every year since.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Day for 2020 was postponed and the final date has not been determined yet, though it is expected to happen in October this year.

This change gives you time to get prepared your business on time using this complete information and checklist.

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Source: Halacious/

A/B testing is a common practice in online marketing, especially for those attempting to optimize a landing page for conversions. Where many marketers seem to get stuck is determining what to test on a landing page and why it should be tested.

Discover this 6 landing page tests you can implement to improve the performance of your landing pages by 570%.

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Source: Backlinko

With 4 months to go until we say goodbye to 2020, this is your opportunity to use the time and improve your website to the next level using these 17 advanced SEO strategies, techniques and tactics, strategies that generated 350,973 visitors per month from Google.

So if you’re sick of reading the same old beginners stuff (“create great content!”), you’ll really enjoy this list:

  1. Rank for “Journalist Keywords”
  2. Use Animated Images to Improve Time On Site
  3. Create Content Hubs
  4. Target Comparison Keywords
  5. Use Dynamic Parameters for Pagination
  6. Build Backlinks With Podcasts

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