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How To Increase Email CTR (And The Science Behind Email Click Through Rates: +160%)

Source: SuperOffice

One of the best way to generate additional leads, sales, revenues without spending additional money is by improving and optimizing your current operation and your email marketing results and it is not that complicated if you have the right knowledge for it.

Here is a question for you:

Do you know what the biggest challenge in email marketing is today?

It’s not email deliverability, or email open rates.

The challenge is getting people to take action and click on your email campaigns once they’ve opened and read the email content – This is known as click through rate.

How big of a challenge is it?

According to Ascend2, 53% of email marketing professionals struggle with low click through rates.

So how can you increase email click-through rate? how do you get more people to click on your email campaigns?

When you wanted to find ways to increase email open rates, you need to look into case studies and deep dived into the science behind what makes people open emails and used the findings to increase open rates by 160%!

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