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How To Use Google Trends Supercharge Your Keyword Research?

Trends may come and go, but Google Trends is here to stay…

Especially if you rely on keyword research to power your websites — and don’t we all?

This quick over-the-shoulder video shows you exactly how to use Google Trends tool to take your keyword research to the next level across all your websites and content marketing.

Best of all, Google Trends is free.

In this video, you’ll see you how to:

* Determine if your keyword’s search volume is increasing or diminishing over time
* Find new keywords that are blowing up before your competitors do
* Utilize related topics and queries to power your content strategy
* And much, much more…

If you’re not already using Google Trends for keyword research, take 6 minutes out to watch this video.

It may be the best SEO investment you can make in less time than a coffee break.

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