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Discover This 6 Landing Page Tests You Can Implement To Improve The Performance Of Your Landing Pages By 570%

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A/B testing is a common practice in online marketing, especially for those attempting to optimize a landing page for conversions. Where many marketers seem to get stuck is determining what to test on a landing page and why it should be tested.

Discover this 6 landing page tests you can implement to improve the performance of your landing pages by 570%.

First we’ll get into what A/B testing is exactly and what elements on the landing page you should try testing (including examples to explain how and why each element is tested and real-world case studies to show the results). By the end you should understand what to A/B test on your landing page and how to do it for yourself.

Here are the 6 A/B Split Test we will be looking into:

Landing Page A/B Test #1: Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Landing Page A/B Test #2: Imagery
Landing Page A/B Test #3: the Call to Action
Landing Page A/B Test #4: List of Benefits
Landing Page A/B Test #5: Trust Symbols & Customer Testimonials
Landing Page A/B Test #6: Colors

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