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September 11, 2020

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Good Morning & Happy Friday.

My daughter, Maya, asked me why the keyboard is not arranged in alphabetical order. I didn’t know why, and I was intrigued.

We ‘asked’ Google to find that the reason goes back to the time of manual typewriters. Originally typewriters had keys arranged in an alphabetical order (like you would imagine they would be), but people typed so fast that the mechanical character arms got tangled up. So the keys were randomly positioned to actually slow down typing and prevent key jams.

The QWERTY keyboards, we all know and use, were made so one could type using keys from the top row of the keyboard. This random arrangement became standard.

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TikTok is addictive. The myriad of creative short-form user-generated videos that fuel this platform is trending like nothing we have seen before.

Whether they’re cute, hilarious, meaningful, shocking, or just fun to watch, TikTok videos have captured the younger generation and are spreading like wildfire across society.

The addictive and viral nature of this form of content is perfect for a social media contest. But it’s not just about wasting time watching videos, TikTok contests can generate significant interest for your brand and improve your lead flow.

The principles for running a TikTok contest aren’t too different from any other form of social media giveaway but there are a few subtleties and first you need to determine your goals and expectations.

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Source: Zapier

Nearly two-thirds of knowledge workers currently use automation software & applications at work—and nearly a fifth (18 percent) intend to use it in the future, according to Zapier survey.

Ask knowledge workers why they use automation software, and the most common answers are all about self-improvement and agility: completing tasks faster, focusing on things that matter, and being more organized are all near the top of the list. Here are the most common responses.

* Automation software helps me complete tasks faster – 43 percent
* Automation software helps me be more organized at work – 40 percent
* Automation software improves the way I work overall – 38 percent
* Automation software helps me and my team focus on important work – 36 percent

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Source: Google

Consumer behavior is changing rapidly and unpredictably amid the coronavirus pandemic. Use this interactive tool to understand fast-rising retail categories in Google Search, the locations where they’re growing, and the queries associated with them. The data will update daily to reflect changes in Search interests.

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Source: SEJ

Shorter content earns the most backlinks, on average, according to an analysis of over 5,000 articles: the most linked-to articles are averaging 695 words in length.

This interesting study includes further analysis of content length, as well as insights on: Most shared articles, Most linked-to articles, Evergreen vs. timely content.

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Source: Perform Insider

G Suite is a collection of online apps by Google that businesses and individuals could use to enhance workflow and productivity. Before this suite came along, you probably depended on Microsoft Office to get anything done in a team setting.

Is Goggle Suite For You?

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