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How To Save Money Using Automation Software?

Source: Zapier

Nearly two-thirds of knowledge workers (64 percent) currently use automation software at work—and nearly a fifth (18 percent) intend to use it in the future.

No one dreams of doing the repetitive work that we’ve been told is a necessary part of our job. This could explain why people are turning to automation (i.e., software designed to automatically complete tasks/processes) to help them work smarter, complete tasks faster, focus on important work, and make them better at their jobs.

That’s according to a recent survey, conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Zapier, which explored who’s using automation at work—and why. This quarterly report will measure knowledge workers’ use of automation at work over time to better understand how it’s impacting their work.

People Use Automation To Be Better At Their Jobs

Ask knowledge workers why they use automation software, and the most common answers are all about self-improvement and agility: completing tasks faster, focusing on things that matter, and being more organized are all near the top of the list. Here are the most common responses.

* Automation software helps me complete tasks faster – 43 percent
* Automation software helps me be more organized at work – 40 percent
* Automation software improves the way I work overall – 38 percent
* Automation software helps me and my team focus on important work – 36 percent
* My employer started using automation software – 31 percent
* I want to reduce human error and oversight in everyday tasks – 31 percent
* I believe using automation will help me advance my business or career faster – 29 percent
* I believe automation is a skill employers value – 28 percent
* I like to experiment with new technology – 27 percent
* I use a number of apps that wouldn’t work well together without automation – 20 percent

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