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How To Run A TikTok Contest? Best Practices, Tips and Examples

Have you ever been lost in a TikTok vortex?

If you’re not familiar with this term, then let me explain…

It all starts when you innocently open the TikTok app on your phone to watch a video a friend has sent you. Maybe it’s a creative dance montage or perhaps it’s a perfectly cut basketball trick shot video.

Whatever the content of the video, something about it grips you and you want more.

So, you explore the app for another video just like it…

85 videos and two hours later you’re drained, confused, and wondering what just happened. (The average daily view time for a TikTok user is 52 minutes!)

That is a TikTok vortex!

What’s my point?

TikTok is addictive. The myriad of creative short-form user-generated videos that fuel this platform is trending like nothing we have seen before.

Whether they’re cute, hilarious, meaningful, shocking, or just fun to watch, TikTok videos have captured the younger generation and are spreading like wildfire across society.

The addictive and viral nature of this form of content is perfect for a social media contest. But it’s not just about wasting time watching videos, TikTok contests can generate significant interest for your brand and improve your lead flow.

How Do You Run a TikTok Contest For Your Brand?

The principles for running a TikTok contest aren’t too different from any other form of social media giveaway but there are a few subtleties and first you need to determine your goals and expectations.

It may sound like an obvious step, but the purpose of your TikTok contest will greatly influence its structure and execution. For example, if your goal is to grow your TikTok following then the way you run your contest will be fundamentally different than if you are looking to increase lead generation.

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