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Is Google Suite For You? A Full G Suite Review

Source: Perform Insider

G Suite is a collection of online apps by Google that businesses and individuals could use to enhance workflow and productivity. Before this suite came along, you probably depended on Microsoft Office to get anything done in a team setting.

Back then, your supervisor asked you to do the reports in excel sheets then insert them in an Office Word document before finally making a presentation using PowerPoint. After using all these apps separately, you had to attach the final copy to an email, which the boss man only became aware of during the project meeting.

Simply put, it was an archaic way to collaborate, and even though it had a few advantages, they were outweighed by the workflow structure’s inefficiency. Loyal customers upgraded to Office 365, a direct rival to Google’s solution, which has become a favorite among work teams.

Is Goggle Suite For You?

 For the past 14 years, G Suite has attracted six million paying companies and 120 million-plus users who utilize it for educational purposes. Before we go on with this G Suite review, here are the benefits and challenges these millions of users face.

* Advanced team collaboration features.
* Advanced security for user data.
* Cheaper than the competition.
* Unlimited cloud storage space.
* Customizable business email.
* Free for educational use.
* Easily accessible.

* Requires the internet for access.
* Not fully optimized for the enterprise.
* It cannot be installed on a desktop.
* Glitches within individual apps.

Checklist To Follow Before Subscribing To G Suite

G Suite will make your small advertising agency appear huge and successful to potential customers. The one important feature is that subscribers get a customizable business email.

You will have more chances of success when you communicate with your clients using a business email than you would ever have using a generic email address such as an @gmail, @aol, @outlook, or @yahoo.

So, here are things to help you make a wise choice between the $6, $12, and the $25 per user.

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