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November 10, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

As more countries getting into 2nd lockdown (some already seeing in the distance their 3rd one), businesses are asking themselves will they ever go back to offices? is 2021 the future of work? Are we going into the process where all of us, businesses, corporates, marketers work from anywhere (find out!)

A few things happening:

1) Facebook once again experiments with up and down votes for comments to optimize engagement.

2) Google DeepRank: The making of an algorithm update.

3) TikTok tests new ‘learn’ feed to boost educational content on the platform.

4) How to build a (no-fail) personal brand.

5) Behind the scenes: Google Product Expert Virtual Summit 2020.

Source: Google Product Expert Summit

6) Everything you need to know about Cash Back Day.

7) In-app purchases rose 54% during second quarter of 2020.

8) How to get the old Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive icons back on Android, iPhone, and Chrome.

Source: Google

9) Common SEO myths busted.

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Source: Ahrefs

Recently, Google CEO Sundar Pichai was called to testify in front of Congress about potential bias in Google’s algorithms. This isn’t the first time Google has been accused of bias and likely will not be the last time. Google alleges there is no bias, yet many Conservatives argue that Google is biased against them.

Ahrefs’ analyzed massive amounts of data to see if they can identify any bias from Google by looking at data for popular Conservative and Liberal news sites. Here are the results.

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One of the biggest pieces of information business owners try to convey with blog and sales calls is that a blog is a long-term strategy. Paid advertising, sure, that can get you results immediately. What about flashy conferences and sponsorships? Obviously. But blogging? Blogging is slow.

Look at this as the snowball effect. A few flakes of snow don’t add up to much, but when there’s enough of them, you can roll it up into a snowball, and that snowball just keeps getting bigger. Roll it down a hill and it can – in the right circumstances – become an avalanche.

Discover these 13 case studies on business blogging and long-term profitability: Express, Writers, Tresnic Media, OptinMonster, UnMarketing, Mint, Ahrefs, Buffer, The Renegade, Pharmacist, ClearVoice, Scoro, KISSMetrics, Backlinko and Social Triggers.

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The Holiday Shopping season is around the corner and this year is going to be like nothing you have ever seen before as the whole world was kept on its toes for the most part. So, if you’re a digital marketer looking to unravel the secret to scaling your business through Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping frenzy, then you’re on the right time and in the right place to get ready.

Discover the affiliate marketing trends for BFCM & Holiday season.

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We know how difficult it is to get your any startup, business or website off the ground when you’re starting out.  PR could be a great cost-effective strategy to be in-front of the right audience and get new visitors & consumers to your business.

Get this complete PR, step-by-step process guide, to get press coverage fast.

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