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Affiliate Marketing Trends for Black Friday & Holiday Season Included!

The Holiday Shopping season is here… and this year is going to be like nothing you have ever seen before. 2020 has kept the whole world on its toes for the most part. And while social unrest, global lockdown, economic shifts, the antitrust hearing, and TikTok’s future on the US market have had us all occupied for the last few months, people’s focus is about to shift.

The world’s favorite time of the year is upon us and this means one thing and one thing only…


So if you’re a digital marketer looking to unravel the secret to scaling your business through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas shopping frenzy in Q4 2020, then congratulations!

You’ve just found yourself in the right place to learn it all.

Why is Q4 the hottest time for affiliate marketing?

People shop every day of the year, all over the globe, both online and offline, using mobile and desktop devices, doing big and small shopping… but nothing compares to the marathon the last quarter of every year has in store for us.

The so-called Golden Quarter, Holiday Season, or simply Q4 has grown into a multi-billion dollar event with holiday sales increasing year-over-year.

Think of all the craziness surrounding the key shopping events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve… this year most joined by Amazon Prime Day, too.

And then think how they’re all squeezed in such a short time-frame, propelled by hectic deal-hunting, fueled with last-minute decorating spree, and additionally infused with prevailing shopping frenzy. There’s no way any marketer or retailer on this planet would miss it. Especially with the 2019 digital global sales reaching a mind-boggling number of $723 billion according to Salesforce reports.

Q4 2020 key shopping events calendar!

Since affiliate marketing makes for a big part of the digital advertising and retail business, you’re surely ready to grab a piece of that cake, too. To help you navigate throughout this hot season and make sure you don’t miss out on great opportunities, have a look at the Q4 2020 key shopping events calendar!

Want to learn more about each event and how to tap into consumer demand outside of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, too? Read the article below for detailed insights!

Influence of COVID-19 on affiliate marketing

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. Since the beginning of 2020 people all over the globe have been trying to stay safe, adjust to the new normal, and shift their daily habits while implementing necessary measures to cope with day-to-day lives. These measures, among many others, entail adopting the work-from-home model, online grocery shopping, social distancing, or remote networking.

And although these unprecedented times have disrupted the global economy, altered consumers’ habits, expectations, and purchasing behavior, people are more than happy to transfer their entire Q4 shopping online!

Read below for a few selected statistics (out of hundreds… really, just Google it!) that prove this year’s online advertising is going to hugely benefit from the lockdown situation in Q4.

* Almost 30% of global retail sales will be done online in Q4, 2020 according to Salesforce.

* Between 50-60% of the US consumers plan to shop online according to Statista and other sources.

* Similar prognosis can be found for other countries, too. Nearly 40-50% of shoppers globally choose to go online this year due to COVID-19 according to BazaarVoice or eBay.

* Shoppers have no plans to spend less this Holiday season than in 2019 according to MarTechSeries’s article.

* As for the type of gifts, circa 70% of shoppers plan to gift physical products rather than experiences according to BazaarVoice.

Read more here.

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