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Complete PR Guide for Marketers & Founders

We know how difficult it is to get your any startup, business or website off the ground when you’re starting out.  PR could be a great cost-effective strategy to be in-front of the right audience and get new visitors & consumers to your business.

This is why we’ve created a complete startup PR guide to help get started.

Our guide doesn’t include hacks, silver bullets, or PR tips with short-term results.

Just a step-by-step process you and your small team can use to get press coverage.

Here are some of the steps you’ll find in this guide:

* Defining the key messages that you want to communicate
* Crafting your messaging to make sure it resonates with your audience
* Finding and reaching out to the right people to promote your startup
* We’ve got a lot to cover, so we better get started.
* Complete Guide to Startup PR
* What is Startup PR?
* Hiring a PR Firm vs Doing It Yourself

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