Best Instagram Metrics Every Marketer Should Track

There is no better time than now to leverage your Instagram marketing strategy, now, more than ever, and you can use these 20 metrics, shared by 40 social media pros, worth.

What’s considered a healthy follower growth rate on Instagram?

Do you know the difference between reach and impressions?

Or, how many people who view your Instagram story ads end up buying one of your products?

If you are using Instagram as a marketing channel for your business, these are the metrics you need to track to improve the performance of your campaigns.

20 Instagram Analytics to Track and Measure your Performance

When it comes to measuring your Instagram performance, it can be helpful to think about the metrics you track in four main buckets:

* Audience

* Post Engagement

* Story Engagement

* Ads

20 Instagram Metrics Every Marketer Should Track

Audience Metrics

1) Follower Growth

2) Geography

Post Engagement Metrics

3) Comments

4) Hashtag Usage

5) Engagement Ratio

6) Engagement Rate Per Follower

7) Referral Traffic

8) Saves

9) Interactions

10) Reach

Story Metrics

11) Story Views

12) Story Engagement Ratio

13) Story Retention Rate

Ad Metrics

14) Ad Campaign Click-through Rate

15) Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

16) Bounce Rate

17) MQLs

18) Ad Demographics

19) Revenue

20) Ad Impressions


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