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Google Will Now Label ‘Fast Pages’ And Rank Them Higher In Search

Source: Google

“Chrome will begin to highlight high-quality user experiences on the web, starting with the labelling of fast links,” Google announced on the Chromium Blog. “This change will be rolling out starting in Chrome 85 Beta.”

Links to pages that meet its metrics thresholds will be displayed with a new “Fast page” label, which will be shown when a user long-presses a link prior to navigating to a page, the company explained. This will indicate that most users navigating to it have a particularly good experience.

According to Google, labelling will be based on signals from the Core Web Vitals metrics that quantify key aspects of users’ experience, as experienced by real-world Chrome users.

The Core Web Vitals metrics measure dimensions of web usability such as loading time, responsiveness, and the stability of content as it loads, and define thresholds for these metrics to set a bar for providing a good user experience.

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