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August 21, 2020

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Happy Friday and Happy National Senior Citizens Day. I’ve started my way online over 25 years ago so in many ways I do feel like a senior citizen. In fact, the average age of marketers has gone up and I am happy to be one of the veterans of this amazing industry. Saying that, it is always great to see senior citizens having fun with the new technologies arising.

Don’t miss the demise of third-party cookies could disrupt targeted advertising and you’re retargeting campaigns!

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Source: Martech Today

The demise of third-party cookies could disrupt targeted advertising, but marketers are determined not to let that happen. Some browsers, Safari and Mozilla Firefox, already no longer support third-party cookies. And now Google too, planning to block these cookies in Chrome within two years (i.e. by end of 2021).

To be clear, there is no threat to first-party cookies, the cookies used by websites to collect information about users who have chosen to interact with them.

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Source: seroundtable

We know that all new sites that have launched after July 1, 2019 would default to mobile-first indexing in Google’s index. But what if you launched a brand new site on an existing old domain name that has not been switched to mobile-first indexing?

Google’s John Mueller said no, that would not default to the mobile-first indexing. Google will have to access the new site when it detects it and make that assessment to move it over or not the way it does for sites launched prior to July 1, 2019.

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Source: Search Analytics for Sheets

Search Analytics for Sheets is a cool Google Sheets add-on that allows you to request and backup data from Webmaster Tools’ / Search Console’s Search Analytics directly into any spreadsheet.

Get Search Analytics for Sheets here.


Source: DigitalMarketer

As a consumer, it would be nearly impossible to count the number of email funnels that have hit your inbox and you did not even noticed.

We can safely say, it’s been a lot. Businesses love email funnels because they swiftly move new subscribers toward their first purchase. Let’s take a look at the Customer Value Journey to get an idea of where your prospects are when they become subscribers.

The Customer Value Journey is the journey a prospect takes from finding out a business exists to becoming such a raving fan of it they’re actively promoting the business like a salesperson only they pay you.

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Source: SEJ

Consumer behavior is changing rapidly and unpredictably during the coronavirus pandemic. Looking to understand the latest shifts? Use these 7 Google tools when conducting keyword research today.

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Source: Smart Insights

The average open rate for all industries we analyzed is 21.33%.

But what’s a good average open rate for email? or better yet, what’s a good average open rate for email in your industry sector?

Find out what’s the average open rate across all industries and more important 2020 email marketing statistics compilation.

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Source: Neil Patel

Everyone makes mistakes. I’m guilty of this, too and over the years, we’ve seen and experienced my fair share of online marketing blunders.

It’s important to learn from these errors and prevent them from happening again.

Are you doing these mistakes yourself?

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