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How to Validate Marketing Tags and Pixels

Source: PPC HERO

Proper web tracking and measurement are vital to advertising. Accurate data helps optimize and report on campaign performance. The technical details can become overwhelming and seem like too much to handle. You may be tempted to sit back and hope that tracking comes through correctly rather than proactively checking it.

This article covers how to check which tags exist on a site, which information is sent, and proper tag setup. We will utilize a few plugins and techniques to assess the accuracy and troubleshoot problems.

What is Tag Validation, and Why Does it Matter?

Tag validation is the process of checking which tags fire and what information they send. This is necessary for implementing new tags and diagnosing tracking errors. Proper validation ensures that you can trust your data and make informed decisions based on that data.

How to Use Tools to Check Your Tags

Most users are familiar with setting up a tag and waiting for data to populate in the ad platforms. This is helpful but it is not diagnostic. You may see the data output, but you can’t see the collection process in real-time.

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