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Google My Business Update Lets Customers Know If Your Hours Are Current

Source: IMPACT

With atypical hours now being the norm, keeping your Google My Business listing updated and optimized is important for every business, now more than ever.

Lately, If you’re like me, when you’re looking to see if the store you need to go to is open you also wonder if they’re actually open because, you know, COVID-19.

It’s never a fun time when you frantically grab your mask, run out the door, and race to get to the store you thought closed in an hour — only to find that Sharpie-scribbled piece of paper taped to the door that says, “Sorry, we’re now closed early due to COVID-19.”

It’s a frustrating experience.

Google My Business rolled out an update in July that allows searchers to see the last time a business’s hours were updated on the listing. At first it was thought to be just a test that would be removed, but later was confirmed it’s full feature.

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