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Does Copying Top Ranked Sites Work?

Source: Twitter

How many times have you looked at other top ranking websites thinking about copying exactly what they are doing?

Well, you’re not alone.

Google’s John Mueller answered a question about how to make a menu. The person asking the question wanted to know if it’s okay to do what Amazon does. Mueller suggested a change of perspective.

Should You Follow What Amazon Does?

The person asking the question tweeted the following:

“Amazon. com has created a 3-level menu on their homepage, and the main item links are at the 3rd level. We are planning to make something similar on our website. Just wanted to confirm will Google bot crawl these links?”

John Mueller answered:

“Unless you’re Amazon, I wouldn’t assume that you can just reuse the same thing and you’ll rank like Amazon. Large sites do good and bad things, they don’t apply to all other sites.”

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