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Covid-19 is Reshaping the Marketing Funnel and Some Trends Are Here to Stay

Source: 60SecondMarketer

Somehow, we’ve reached July and the world continues to feel upside down.

For many marketers who thought they just had to tough out a few months of Covid-19-induced hysteria, the ‘return to normal’ now appears distant on the horizon. Covid-19 has upended consumers’ approaches to shopping and spending.

Research agency Opinium surveyed 2,000 nationally representative US adults between June 19th and 224th to understand how Covid-19 has reshaped the marketing funnel and which consumer trends are here to stay.

54% of Americans are sticking to their usual brands during Covid-19 and 41% are cautious about trying new products

Covid-19 and the ensuing economic hardships have made American consumers extremely cautious—54% say they are sticking to the brands they usually buy from during this time.

Similarly, 41% say they are cautious about trying new products right now compared to only 19% who disagree. With all the uncertainty consumers are facing in their lives, they appear to be clinging to their go-to brands for stability and ease. No more surprises!

So, many consumers are on autopilot. That’s great if your product is already on their radar—consumer loyalty may be stickier now than in normal times. But how can marketers win over consumers where they may be considering new purchases or less stuck in their ways?

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