What is Wanelo?

What is Wanelo?

Discover what is Wanelo, what they do and what are the 5 best alternatives to Wanelo in ecommerce.

Wanelo is a social media platform designed to operate as a digital shopping mall. The name was derived from the phrase “want, need, love.”

Alternatives to Wanelo What was Wanelo

Founded & launched in 2012 by Deena Varshavskaya and headquartered in San Francisco, Wanelo was the silver bullet online sellers were looking for.

What made the Wanelo app so popular?

The answer is simple. It made it easy to shop from many different stores, all in one place.

Let’s face it. Looking for something in a mall is a lot of hard work. Not finding what you’re looking for at one mall and having to visit another is an inconvenience we’ve probably all experienced.

Wanelo was designed to save users from those scenarios.

Users could shop for anything they wanted right from their mobile devices. Due to how it attracted crowds of shoppers, the platform quickly became popular, with Wanelo’s site boasting as many as 11 million active users.

What made Wanelo so attractive to online sellers was that most visitors to the site spend close to an hour browsing, with most of them intending to make a purchase.

Because of that, Wanelo was a conversion machine that quickly became a seller’s paradise. According to Wanelo, some stores reported seeing as many as four times the conversions they got on popular social media platforms like Facebook.

5 Best Alternatives to Wanelo

1) Geek

2) Shopkick

3) Zulily

4) Overstock


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