About Us Pages Awesome Examples

Need some inspiration for your About Us page? Check out these 26 awesome examples that make a great impression on visitors.

Your About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website.

An About Us page is your chance to tell the world:

* Who you are.
* What matters to you.
* What you do.
* How you do it.

It’s often one of the first stops when someone visits your website or blog.

An About Us page may be a deciding factor before you convince someone to convert, whether that comes in the form of:

* Making a purchase.
* Downloading an awesome piece of content.
* Signing up for your newsletter.
* Requesting information or a demo.

So how do you make your About Us page awesome (or more awesome??

What Makes a Great About Us Page?

Your About Us page should be:

* Informative. It doesn’t always have to tell your whole story, but it should at least provide people with an idea of .
* Contain social proof, testimonials, and some personal information that visitors can relate to, such as education, family, etc.
* Useful.
* Engaging.
* Easy to navigate.
* Accessible on any device.

Does that all sound complicated?

It really isn’t.

The main purpose of your About Us page is to give your visitors a glimpse into who you are as a person or a business (or sometimes both).

As users discover your brand, they need to distinguish what sets you apart and makes you… you.

This often requires finding the right balance between compelling content and a design carefully planned to look the part.

Conveying your identity in a fun and approachable – but also reliable and informative – way is challenging.

If you know who you are and your goal for your site, the About Us page should come naturally.

However, if you’re looking for some inspiration, you can always check out the following 26 awesome examples of About Us pages.

These examples will help you build a personal and engaging website journey.


26 Awesome Examples of About Us Pages

1) Morning Dough

2) Band

3) Anton & Irene

4) Pierro Caron

5) Blake Suarez

6) LessFilms

7) DoomTree

8) Cupcakes and Cashmere


10) MailChimp

11) Tate

12) Yellow Leaf Hammocks

13) Eight Hour Day

14) Lonely Planet

15) Gummisig

16) Amnesty International

17) Chattanooga Renaissance Fund

18) DORÉ

19) Bulldog Skincare

20) Couro Azul

21) Girlboss

22) Purple, Rock, Scissors

23) Mixd

24) 6tematik

25) ToyFight

26) Bigcartel


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