How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan?

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No matter what month it is, you need to have a marketing plan that the team can execute – discover hot to create a successful marketing plan using these four key decisions for planning marketing success.

Allocadia analyzed investment trends from their customer database to determine how marketers pivoted and thrived. Based on those insights, we recommend these four areas be considered when planning for a successful 2021:

* Take scenario plans seriously, so you’re prepared for anything.

* Digital advertising will continue to rule, and companies need to innovate and iterate to stand out from the noise.

* Brand awareness and demand generation are often perceived as being at odds with each other in times of financial difficulty, but teams shouldn’t take an “either/ or” approach.

* Don’t forget to pay attention to your current customer base while you pursue new opportunities.

It would be the understatement of the year to say 2020 didn’t turn out as expected for marketers. As we look toward 2021, most teams are trying to plan for success in a market landscape that they know will continue to shift.

My team analyzed how marketers invested their budgets in 2020, hoping to understand trends in how marketers were pivoting previous spend strategies to achieve success despite the obstacles.

Based on those insights, there are four areas marketers should focus on as they plan for organizational success in 2021: scenario planning, innovative advertising, customer marketing, and evaluating how to invest in brand and demand.

2021’s most important task: Scenario planning

Get innovative with advertising spend

Companies’ perceived tough choices: Brand or demand

To invest or not to invest: Customer marketing

How is your 2021 marketing plan shaping up?

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