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November 12, 2020

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Good Morning & Happy World Usability Day.

More than 4 million patent applications are submitted each year all over the world, most of them are not usable, ending up in the trash.

This usability day created to the ones which we are using and do not fall under the category of the Top 10 DUMBEST Inventions of All Time.

A few things happening:

1) Thousands of users at risk by still using Microsoft Office 2010 – but this company offers a fix.

2) Why you’re reflecting on past mistakes more than ever before.

3) Zoom has settled with the FTC over ‘deceptive’ security practices.

4) Google will deploy a new security feature in Chrome to prevent tab-nabbing, a type of web attack that allows newly opened tabs to hijack the original tab from where they were opened.

5) Learn how Google chooses canonical page.

6) Google Drive might soon allow you to open encrypted files.

7) Ireland to reportedly order Facebook to stop sending EU user data to the U.S.

8) Biden calls for ending online platforms’ liability shield, says he’s open to breaking up Facebook.

9) 3 lessons for every newbie founder competing with industry veterans.

Have an awesome day!
Itay Paz

We’ve Added an Extensive Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms

With new digital marketing technologies and products presented daily, the digital marketing terms are created thus, we have launched an extensive glossary of digital marketing terms.

Whether you are a veteran or new to the digital marketing industry, you’ll never be in the situation where you might not even understand what others are talking about.

Check out the Digital Marketing Terms


Landing page best practices aren’t universal. Your ability to create knockout campaigns depends on how well you meet a person’s expectations once they’ve clicked on your ad—you need the right post-click experience.

And the right post-click experience for a person reading an editorial site, like articles or videos from news sites, niche blogs, and well-known content creators, is different from that of social media or search.

Discover what was found after analyzing thousands of landing pages and get a workable template for you to use as a basis for any landing page you might create for your next campaign outside search and social.

Read more here.


You’re reluctant to buy from a business you don’t know. The same goes for your customers. So what do you do?

You build an efficient process to collect the contact information of your prospective customers. That way, you can build trust, show what you have to offer, and eventually turn your visitors into paying customers.

Learn the step-by-step process for creating your own lead capture machine to generate additional revenue for your business.

Read more here.


Source: Taboola

You know you need to publish consistent, high-quality content to grow and retain your audience. But coming up with fresh, relevant content ideas can be tough, especially when you’re doing it on a weekly or even monthly basis.

The good news is that there’s a tool that can help. Taboola Trends analyzes 75 million clicks across 50 billion impressions each week so publishers and advertisers can see which content campaigns are driving the most engagement.

Here’s a walkthrough of how you can use Taboola Trends find new, customized ideas for your content topics, keywords, and titles.

Read more here.


In 2021, Google will be updating its algorithm to incorporate page experience as a ranking signal. The aim of this change is to factor in the user experience of pages being returned in the SERPs, rather than the traditional and more objective signals such as PageRank and on-page targeting that have been used historically.

With this upcoming update approaching, it is critical to understand the different facets of page experience and how to optimize your site for each one of them.

Is your site ready for the big Google algorithm update coming in 2021? Here are seven user page experience aspects to focus on and how to optimize them.

Read more here.

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