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November 25, 2020

Morning Dough

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What’s happening:

1) How to disable Edge’s new URL copy and paste feature that copying page titles rather than URLs (Drove me crazy the past 24 hours).


2) Google: Passage Indexing is a lifeline for pages with diluted content.

3) Amazon publishes its best books of 2020.

4) Malware creates scam online stores on top of hacked WordPress sites.

5) Snapchat is paying users $1 million a day to use a new feature.

6) Why blogs fail — and how to make sure yours doesn’t.

7) How to get funding for your business (so you don’t shut down).

8) Shopify introducing the gift better guide, the only list you need this holiday.

Source: Shopify

9) Despite pandemic, forecasts predict US online holiday sales increase of 20%-30% or more.

10) New report predicts that TikTok will surpass one billion users in 2021.

11) Like everything in 2020, the best Black Friday social media campaigns look different this year.

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The Facebook Business Manager is a collaborative platform for those in charge of operating or monitoring Facebook advertising for a business. It was designed to segregate personal user accounts from those of businesses and make professional collaboration much easier.

Moreover, for digital marketing professionals, this platform facilitates the creation and maintenance of separate accounts for every business for whom they manage Facebook ad campaigns. This means digital marketers can have separate ad accounts for each of their clients.

Likewise, it makes things easier for those managing multiple businesses to separate their campaigns and even assign different roles. So, basically, the Business Manager enables centralized control of multiple user accounts. Through this, the administrator can assign specific permissions and limit access based on the user’s job function.

Discover everything there is to know about the Facebook Business Manager, how to create a Business Manager account, and how you can link it to the Instagram business manager account and manage your Facebook and Instagram assets from a single dashboard.

Read more here.


Source: YouTube

So, you have your sales funnel, your sales pitch is perfect, but no one is buying? It’s an issue we’ve all faced as entrepreneurs. Well, today we are diving into one of my favorite topics in marketing: how to find a hot market! I have people ask me about this all the time and the solution to this issue is simpler than you think!

Read more here.


In the marketing automation space, there’s an interesting case study that puts into perspective the age-old dispute between marketers who prioritize reach and those who prioritize resonance.

Two of the biggest players in the lower and middle tiers of the marketing automation industry, HubSpot and Mailchimp, have been competing to win over as many small to medium-sized businesses as possible. HubSpot currently boasts four times as many social media followers and attracts almost double the amount of organic traffic than Mailchimp does, so one might assume HubSpot also generates more revenue and profit.

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Content marketing is a very crucial element for any blogger or company that wants to establish a strong online presence. For content marketing to work for you, however, you need to consistently produce high quality content on a regular basis — a few blog posts a year won’t do it for you.

For most businesses, producing great content on a regular basis is a huge challenge. A lot of the time, bloggers and businesses find themselves having to make a trade between quality and quantity. Either produce few, high-quality content or lots of lower-quality content.

Actually, building a scalable content strategy is one of the greatest challenges for 64% of marketers, according to a report by Content Marketing Institute.

Learn the exact process that will enable you to scale your content development and turn your blog into content engines that consistently attract tons of traffic.

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