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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Business Manager

Do you run Facebook ads using the Facebook Ads Manager? Do you have a Facebook business page? Are you active on Instagram? How can you manage all of these assets efficiently via the Facebook Business Manager?

The Facebook Business Manager is a collaborative platform for those in charge of operating or monitoring Facebook advertising for a business. It was designed to segregate personal user accounts from those of businesses and make professional collaboration much easier.

Moreover, for digital marketing professionals, this platform facilitates the creation and maintenance of separate accounts for every business for whom they manage Facebook ad campaigns. This means digital marketers can have separate ad accounts for each of their clients.

Likewise, it makes things easier for those managing multiple businesses to separate their campaigns and even assign different roles. So, basically, the Business Manager enables centralized control of multiple user accounts. Through this, the administrator can assign specific permissions and limit access based on the user’s job function.

Discover everything there is to know about the Facebook Business Manager, how to create a Business Manager account, and more. We shall also discuss how you can link it to the Instagram business manager account and manage your Facebook and Instagram assets from a single dashboard, so let’s get started.

What exactly is the Facebook Business Manager?

Are you still wondering what the Facebook Business Manager is all about? Well, it’s not just you but almost everyone gets confused with the large variety of options this tool has to offer. So, no surprises here!

As Facebook puts it, the Facebook Business Manager is a free tool that allows you to manage Facebook pages, Facebook ad accounts, and those who work on those pages or accounts. So, this tool has three main parts — pages, ad accounts, and people.

Overall, it safeguards the advertiser’s privacy by separating personal profiles from business accounts. This means, your personal account won’t show up in the ad campaigns, giving you the privacy, you need. Also, if your Facebook ad account gets banned, it would not impact your personal account or other Facebook ad accounts.

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