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October 8, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning.

It’s the world sight day. Sitting in-front of the computer screen and using the small smartphones causing many of us to be needing glasses to be able to see the world better.

A few things happening:

1) Merriam-Webster sees 30,500% spike in ‘schadenfreude’ searches following Trump diagnosis.

2) ‘What is Stadia?’ Google finally offers the clear explanation the service has always needed.

3) 5 upcoming WhatsApp features that will make your life easy.

4) Instagram will automatically hide offensive comments on your posts using AI.

Have an awesome day!
Itay Paz


Source: GaryVaynerchuck

A question asked many time by a lot of entrepreneurs when they’re just starting out is: “how much should I be spending on marketing and where?”. This is often because the actually do not have any money to invest in marketing.

The answer that Gary Vaynerchuck always answers to those who are starting from scratch is to spend Sweat, not coins.

Its all about leverage your relationships, contact potential sponsors directly and google your way to success.

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As we head toward the last quarter of the year, it’s become the norm to start making predictions about what the following year will bring. Although no one knows for sure how long it will take for COVID-19 to move from a dominant worldwide force to a footnote in history, it’s clear it’s already changed the makeup of events forever. With this in mind, here are three predictions about the future of virtual and hybrid events.

1) Technology will continue to evolve at a breakneck pace
2) Relationship-building will take center stage
3) As supply increases, quality is more necessary than ever

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1) Google My Business preview call history to see recent calls from customers.

2) How to easily go live on YouTube from any computer.

3) Lessons from lockdown #1: discover what publishers learned from the first wave of the COVID-19.

4) Instagram’s 10th birthday release introduces a Stories Map, custom icons and more.

5) Learn what are the 7 Chrome extensions every digital marketer should know.

6) Amazon is rewarding new business customers this Prime Day.

7) New study finds people come to TikTok to lift their spirits – showing the real value of authenticity in marketing.


Source: Oberlo

Have you ever heard of serial entrepreneurs? Setting up a business – whether as a freelancer, a startup, or an e-commerce company – is already a significant commitment, But, for some entrepreneurs, it’s not enough, and they set out to create and run several businesses at a time.

Meet Frank Houbre, a French serial entrepreneur who is the CEO of the startup MyMusicTeacher and the test lab Business Dynamite, which specializes in ecommerce. A passionate guitar player, he launched his first startup with a friend. Over time, he developed digital marketing and ecommerce skills and decided to share his expertise through tutorials, training, and advice on Business Dynamite.

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Ever wondered what exactly made a highly-shared headline so shareable? Or how you can predict whether or not a headline would be well-shared?

CoSchedule has analyzed MILLIONS of headlines created by thousands of marketers and you may be surprised to hear what they’ve found by combining the massive database of headlines with social sharing analytics and top content reports.

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