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What Is The Future Of Virtual Conferences?

As we head toward the last quarter of the year, it’s become the norm to start making predictions about what the following year will bring. Although no one knows for sure how long it will take for COVID-19 to move from a dominant worldwide force to a footnote in history, it’s clear it’s already changed the makeup of events forever.

The fact is that we see now, countless virtual events, virtual conferences, virtual masterminds, virtual live seminars and courses launched everyday by the physical conference producers, businesses, companies and marketers and with this in mind, here are three predictions about the future of virtual and hybrid events.

1) Technology will continue to evolve at a breakneck pace
2) Relationship-building will take center stage
3) As supply increases, quality is more necessary than ever

The Future of The Virtual Conferences

Even when in-person events resume, virtual and hybrid formats will remain a go-to. Attendees may be given the choice between attending in-person or virtually, making every event experience and community a hybrid.

The nice-to-have event technology solutions of the past, like mobile event apps and web-based engagement tools, will become critical infrastructure that powers participation and community.

Events offer the unique opportunity to be among your peers, to immerse yourself in content that you’re passionate about, interface with speakers you admire and connect with sponsors for meaningful, face-to-face conversations.

So as hybrid and virtual events become even more popular, we need to make sure we fulfill these needs. It won’t look the same as it does at in-person events, and that’s ok. What matters is that it still is happening.

How can your event stand out and draw in high registration numbers? The only way to differentiate is by raising the bar for the quality of your content, networking experience and every other facet of your event.

To succeed in the post-COVID-19 event industry you’ll need to offer personalized content and a unique experience in order to get attendees to your event – and come back again.

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