What Is Anchor Text? Anchor Text

What Is Anchor Text? Anchor Text

Anchor Text is the clickable words used in a link (hyperlink). In SEO, anchor text is used as a signal to the search engines, to provide the context of the destination page. For example, if many websites link to one specific page using the anchor text “vintage poetry books”, the search engine use this information to understand the destination page is likely a resource with vintage poetry books.

Anchor text is the clickable words used to link one webpage to another, appearing within a hyperlink, the colored & underline text, letting the visitor know what information or topic can be found on the webpage beyond the anchor text & hyperlink.

Why Is an Anchor Text Important?
There are 2 related reasons making the Anchor Text is important:

1) Making a website user’s friendly by letting the visitors to know what to expect if they click on the Anchor Text hyperlinked.

2) It helps the search engines to understand the what to expect if they click on the Anchor Text hyperlinked as well as they see it as a good practice in user’s friendly towards the potential visitors they will send.

What does an Anchor Text Look Like?

Anchor text describes the article being linked to and entices visitors to click. Even search engines understand that the linked article is relevant because the URL and the anchor text correlate. So, for example, if you were to link to this article, you might use the link/anchor text like this: What is anchor text exactly? So you link to other articles in a way that looks natural to the reader.

In the following HTML code, the Anchor Text is marked in yellow:

<a href=””>DMIEXPO Blog</a>


What Is Deep Linking?


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