Establishing Your Content & Keyword Focus: 4 Data Sources to Use

Source: SEJ

Want to build your authority on a topic? Consider these four primary types of data which you can use to establish your content and keyword pillar strategy.

Data makes the digital marketing world go round.

Those who commit to using it get to ride along, while those who don’t run the risk of getting left behind.

Analyzing data to identify where you have momentum can help you focus on the content and keywords that will provide the best chance of improving your website’s authoritativeness and organic visibility.

By now, I think we’ve all been told enough times by enough experts on the topic.

The key to any successful content marketing strategy, which will produce targeted, high-conversion traffic is the creation and distribution of relevant, quality content.

It’s no longer, and for that matter never has been, good enough to simply publish and share boatloads of random, keyword-stuffed content via your website, social media or other channels, in the hopes your target audience will find it, read, listen to or watch it, like it and share it.

Too often, the approach taken is to simply start creating “content” without a clear strategy, goals, or method of measuring success in mind.

This type of approach has led to the current glut of content.

This should come as a shock to no one.

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