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The ROI of SEO – How to Predict Traffic and Revenue?

COVID uncovers a lot of fragility in our lives. One of them: how companies reach customers. Many markets move online overnight amid the painful realization that not being visible online is a very fragile place to be.

The second-order result of this big wave of markets going online is that SEO is in more demand than ever because it’s a scalable and cost-efficient channel. However, its benefits don’t come without a price.

One of the most fundamental challenges of SEO is predicting returns. Investing without a guaranteed ROI is called gambling. But who is foolish enough to gamble with their business?

We only know a few parameters that move the SEO needle with 100% certainty, which makes predicting SEO traffic and revenue hard. Not knowing how to solve this problem puts you in a weak, reactive position. It undermines your credibility and strips you of the resources you need to get things done.

The solution is to “follow the money”, a.k.a. predict how much revenue your strategy will return. Win leadership over with a business case so solid, they can’t say no!.

In this article, I show you how to do that. I provide a list of revenue formulas for different business models and explain how to project the traffic impact of SEO recommendations.

As cherry on top, Similarweb was so kind as to provide conversion rate benchmarks for different industries.

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