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November 19, 2020

Morning Dough

Good Morning & ‘Happy’ Bad Day.

Have no idea who thought that we need to have a special day to recognize bad days, but maybe this guy did…

A few things happening:

1) Shopify: Growing a niche product into an 8-figure business.

2) Zoom’s new security feature will let you stop ‘Zoombombers’ in their tracks.

3) Business web and graphic designers, Adobe finally launches Illustrator for iPad.

4) McAfee and Amazon Business Prime Partner with cyber security offer for small business.

5) Taking a PPC holiday: how to take a break from your ads without disaster.

6) Gartner research: 60 percent of Martech leaders expect budget cuts.

7) Twitch is testing ‘multiplayer ads’ that creators can use to make money.

8) Twitter debuts Carousel Ads with up to 6 images or videos.

9) Here’s the deal with those Instagram DM updates you might have gotten.

10) What you need to know about Voice Assistant and Smart Speaker Users as more time at home means more time to talk.

11) Google ties ‘Smart’ features up in a bow for Gmail.

12) Instagram adds new option which enables users to opt-out of third-party data usage for ad targeting.

Have an awesome day!
Itay Paz

 PS – A little bit nostalgic… my first computer was Atari 800XL (64KB), back in 1984, approximately 36 years ago when I was 11 years old.

What was yours and when?

Please Share Yours on this Exciting & Nostalgic Post.

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The affiliate marketing industry is mostly characterized with affiliates websites driving traffic to advertisers offers, and it’s pretty close to the reality.

Back in the ‘good old days’, there were affiliates driving traffic directly from Google Ads to affiliates’ offers, making huge profits, until Google has stopped it, forcing affiliates to drive traffic first to a website that adds value, and only then to other websites and offers.

Google is not the only media giants around these days, can affiliate be successful without a website?

Read more here.


COVID uncovers a lot of fragility in our lives. One of them: how companies reach customers. Many markets move online overnight amid the painful realization that not being visible online is a very fragile place to be.

The second-order result of this big wave of markets going online is that SEO is in more demand than ever because it’s a scalable and cost-efficient channel. However, its benefits don’t come without a price.

One of the most fundamental challenges of SEO is predicting returns. Investing without a guaranteed ROI is called gambling. But who is foolish enough to gamble with their business?

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This year, influencer marketing is forecasted to grow to somewhere in the region of $9-10billion globally. This represents significant confidence in this marketing activity and surveys have shown that 89% of marketeers believe the ROI from influencer marketing is comparable or better than other channels.

We are seeing new rules of engagement emerging as influencers look to secure results-focused partnerships with brands rather than simply fulfilling traditional influencer roles.

With regulation looking into the influencers marketing, now it’s a great opportunity for influencers and brands to embrace the performance model when it comes to their influencers marketing strategies.

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Source: Ecwid

With just a glance at the iconic swoosh, you recognize the brand as Nike. That’s the power of a great logo!

But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a great logo: Coca-Cola paid $0 for its logo, Twitter logo price tag was $15, Google logo was $0 as well and the most expensive one is Nike logo with a price tag of $35.

Discover the top 6 different ways to create your own logo and how to make yours evocative and appealing.

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Additional Link:

How Much Did Famous Logos Cost to Design?

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