How to Get People to Listen to Your Podcast?

Discover how to get people on your podcast, the best ways to attract listeners, how to get the tuned to your podcase and keep on coming back again in the competitive times where many are starting new podcasts

Although podcasting started in early 2000s, it didn’t hit its full stride until the last few years. And now, podcasting is now one of the fastest growing content types in the world. There are 850,000 active podcasts (shows, not episodes) that anyone can download. They also have an audience larger than you may think—roughly half of all U.S. citizens 12+ listen to podcasts.

And, most importantly for marketers and businessowners, more than half of podcast listeners say that they’re at least somewhat more likely to buy something after hearing their advertisement on a podcast.

That’s why businesses are advertising on popular podcasts more than ever.

It’s also why businesses are starting podcasts of their own.

But starting a new podcast is hard, and lots of rookies face a lot of the same challenges. Production, editing, and content ideation is harder than people think.

But for most businesses who do an interview-style show, there’s an even bigger challenge: getting people on their podcast.

It’s a problem that Jason Portnoy, the Founder of JPORT Media, talked about in his recent session at the DigitalMarketer Certified Partner Training Day in November. This was a problem that Jason used to have too, and now podcasting is the most powerful tool that he uses to grow his business.

He has spent a LOT of time honing his podcast, Perfectly Mentored, to help his business build authority and drive more customer interest. And his strategy for finding the right guests and then getting them to sit down for an interview has been critical to his success.

So here are a few tips he walked us through that will help you get people on your podcast too.

How to Find Podcast Guests?

What Makes for a Good Podcast Guest?

  1. Leverage your guest’s audience
  2. Promote on social media … in a dozen different ways
  3. Release at least 3 episodes on launch day
  4. Convert the audio to a YouTube video
  5. Submit your podcast to podcatchers and aggregators
  6. Transcribe the audio
  7. Throw a two-week ratings party
  8. Run a giveaway contest
  9. Find partners to mention you
  10. Get listed on the best digital marketing podcasts lists.
  11. Be a guest on other people’s podcasts

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